Dovetail Drawers

What are Dovetailed Drawers?  The Phrase “Dovetail Drawers” refers to the way the drawer is made; the drawer box is made from solid wood (versus particle board) and a dovetail joint is used to securely join the drawer sides and front together. You can easily recognized by their distinct dovetail joint at the outside corner of the drawer, It looks like a jigsaw puzzle pieced together at a 90 degree angle.

Dovetail Joint

Dovetail drawers are superior to standard drawers because they securely hold the drawer front & sides together, which creates a stronger bond that is more durable against wear and tear. One of the advantages of dovetail drawers is that they must be made out of solid wood. While standard drawers are made from particle board planks and are then stapled, or glued together. Standard dovetail drawers are made from solid 3/4″ wood boards. The wood is sanded, buffed, and finished before being individually cut to perfectly fit in the dovetail joint. The result is a finished product that is not only strong and exceptionally durable, but also beautiful and the mark of true craftsmanship.

Durability: Dovetail drawers offer a lifetime of durability with solid wood construction and a superior interlocking dovetail joint. These dovetail drawers have hidden drawer glides that are tucked beneath the drawer and are more protected from regular wear and tear than the standard drawers that have glides on both sides of the drawers.

Craftsmanship: Because of the level of artistry involved in the manufacturing process, dovetail drawers offer a level of quality and craftsmanship not found on standard drawers. The drawers must be carefully made so that all the parts and pieces work flawlessly, which results in a superior product made by an expert craftsman. Those who have an eye for top notch quality will immediately notice the perfectly interlocking solid wood pieces on each drawer corner and the way the drawer effortlessly slides into and out of the drawer bank.


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