Y & T Woodcraft

About Us
Y & T Woodcraft has been creating hardwood furniture from locally sourced lumber in Ohio since 1998. Y & T is a small family business that values natural resources and quality. There is no mass production at Y & T Woodcraft. Every piece is handcrafted with care for each customer.

Our Material
Hardwoods have been used in furniture making for centuries. Our skilled craftsmen use the same techniques as our forefathers to create furniture. Hardwood furniture is unique. No two pieces will look the same.

Our Service & Delivery
Green Acres Home Furnishings is located at Green Acres Outdoor Living in Easton, PA. The sales team at Green Acres Home Furnishings would love to assist you. We offer delivery services in all of PA and New Jersey. Call 610-330-9096 or stop by the store to get a delivery quote today.

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