Shopping Online for Furniture – A Guide to a Better Experience

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Shopping Online for Furniture – A Guide to a Better Experience


If you are like most people, the last few years you have started buying more things online. Groceries, food orders, books, clothes, and more can all be bought online. But what about furniture?

The internet has changed how you buy furniture – for better and worse. Our team is here to make it easier for you to find and buy the Amish furniture you want for your home.

Ellen Dining Collection.

Buying Furniture Online: Pros & Cons

Whether it is a big box store, a national ecommerce website, or the place with your favorite Swedish meatballs, it seems as though most stores are selling furniture online. Here’s what is great and not so great about the online furniture buying experience.


Benefits of Buying Furniture Online

Furniture store websites have certainly made it easier to browse and find the exact furniture you want – whenever you want.

  • Time: Don’t have time to visit a store to look at furniture? You can browse furniture collections on your phone while waiting in line, at a kid’s soccer game, or anywhere else in the world.
  • Ease: Instead of spending your weekend driving across town to visit a few furniture stores, you can access all of them with just a few keystrokes.
  • Limitless Selection: A website is not limited to a showroom’s physical constraints, which means you can see nearly every single piece in a collection online, as well as options, variations, and color swatches.

Queen Anne Dining Set.

Downsides of Buying Furniture Online

For all the benefits of buying furniture online, there are still some downsides to the experience. Depending on what you value, these can be deal-breakers and why some do not buy furniture online.

  • Delivery & Assembly: If you are buying from a big retail chain or online-only furniture store, your furniture will likely be delivered unassembled by a common carrier to your doorstep. It’s up to you to drag the boxes into your house, put the furniture together, and place it in the final location.
  • Can’t “Test Drive”: It is nearly impossible to fully experience furniture before you buy it online. There is no real way to test the comfort level, feel the build quality, or get a real sense of dimensions and durability without experiencing the furniture in-person.
  • Tough for Customizations: Most furniture you purchase from big retailers or ecommerce sites are mass produced. You won’t be able to add customizations, modifications, or changes to your order, so you are limited to the selections, colors, and dimensions they have in-stock.
  • No Expert Help: If you are like most people, you don’t buy furniture too often. You may not know the differences in wood species, finishes, or furniture styles. If you are only buying furniture online, you may be limited in what you can find based on the website search abilities.

Fabric Sofa Group

Shopping Online for Furniture – A Better Experience

For many people, buying a dining room set is too big & important a purchase to simply make online. For them, they prefer to still visit a furniture showroom to make the purchase.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t use the internet to help with your purchase. It’s why here at Green Acres Home Furnishings, we have been pioneering the browse online & shop in store furniture experience for years.

Our website features our broad collection of Amish-built furniture for your living room, dining room, bedroom, or home office. On our website, you can compare and contrast different styles, collections, and individual pieces – with plenty of information about dimensions, features, and options.

When you’ve narrowed down your list to a few selections, you can then visit our Lehigh Valley furniture store to try out these pieces for yourself. Sit down at a table, lean back on a recliner, test out the smooth-closing drawers of a hutch, and feel the finish on each piece of furniture. You’ll also be able to ask any questions with our knowledgeable sales staff, who might have suggestions to help you save money, find a matching piece, and overall help you find exactly what you are looking for.

Furniture Delivery Trucks

Hassle-Free Ordering and Delivery

Once you are ready, you can work with our sales staff to place an order and schedule delivery. And with our white-glove assembly & delivery service, you won’t have to worry about anything. Our trained furniture delivery staff will inspect, assemble, and hand-deliver your furniture exactly where you want it in your home. We’ll even haul away all packaging & materials, so you can get started enjoying your new furniture.

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